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Royal Netherlands AF Open Days Volkel 2019

Volkel was host to the bi-annual Open Days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF or Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu)). Although the quantity was less than former editions, some nice pictures could be made. Star of the show was the JSF of which two Dutch and one Italian variant could be seen.

Skrydstrup AB airshow

Again Denmark was visited to attend the Danish International airshow which was held at Skrydstrup AB. As the Kongelige Danske Flyvevaben (or Royal Danish Airforce) celebrated its 60th birthday some planes wore a special colourscheme. Due to backlight conditions the whole day photographing was challenging, but the amount of diversity in old (warbirds) and new (F-16’s, Merlins) material made the trip worth it.

Luchtmachtdagen 2009

The 2009 edition of the Klu’s Luchtmachtdagen was blessed with dry weather and sunny spells, but clouds prevented quality photography during the last hour of the flying display. Highlight was definately the display of The Vulcan XH558 which has been restored to flying status again after a lot of money and effort.

Danish airshow Karup

Every year one of the three Danish Main Operating Bases (Aalborg, Karup or Skrydstrup) organizes an airshow. The 2008 was organized by the Karup Helicopter Wing. Due to the excellent position along the runway and the sunny weather great images could be made.

Duxford Imperial War Museum & American Airshow

Duxford is the place to be to experience WW2 legends like the Spitfire, Hurricane and Mustang. On the 27th of July their also was an airshow connected to the close ties between the UK and US. Due to the position of the sun and the fairly high position of the flying displays not all shots were satisfactory. Nevertheless a small collection is presented here.