Zeltweg 2005 airshow

Every two years (with the exception of 2007) an excellent airshow is organized at Zeltweg AB in Austria. The 2005 edition saw the last performance of the Austrian Draken which combined with the great alpine backdrop created some excellent photo opportunities.

2005 Danish International Airshow

In 2005 Karup AB was the scene of the Danish international airshow. The weather was big spoiler especially during the morning.  Which is a pity as your perfectly positioned across the 09/27 runway. Unfortunately a small collection of images of this show.

Kleine-Brogel mini-spottersday 2005

Kleine Brogel organised two spotters days in 2005. This mini- spotters day was smaller, but saw the participation of a Czech contignent with one of the last operational MiG-21’s in Czech service as well as an overshoot by the last operational Jaguars in French service. And last but not least the mighty Mirage 4P in active service. Quality above quantity!