A day at the fence at Hohn AB

On the way back from the airshow at Karup Schleswig-Jagel and Hohn were visited. To our surprise 12 Tornado’s from Schleswig-Jagel’s AG51 operated from Hohn due to runway repairs at Schleswig-Jagel. A small selection from these visits can be found here.

Danish airshow Karup

Every year one of the three Danish Main Operating Bases (Aalborg, Karup or Skrydstrup) organizes an airshow. The 2008 was organized by the Karup Helicopter Wing. Due to the excellent position along the runway and the sunny weather great images could be made.

TLP Florennes AB

The third edition of the Tactical Leadership Programme at Florennes AB in Belgium saw the participation of a variety of types. GVR Aviation visited the 3rd of June and was blessed with fine weather and a busy flying schedule.