A day at the fence at Satenas AB

Satenas is the home of the F7 wing with one JAS39 gripen conversion squadron (or Division as its called within the Svenska Flygvapnet) and an operational JAS39 squadron. Also a Sk60 (Saab 105) liason and Tp84 (Hercules) squadron is present here. During GVR Aviation visit a number of Gripens from Lulea’s F21 were present to participate in a large 16 ship formation. Presumably this was for the marriage of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden which married during the following weekend.

Skrydstrup AB airshow

Again Denmark was visited to attend the Danish International airshow which was held at Skrydstrup AB. As the Kongelige Danske Flyvevaben (or Royal Danish Airforce) celebrated its 60th birthday some planes wore a special colourscheme. Due to backlight conditions the whole day photographing was challenging, but the amount of diversity in old (warbirds) and new (F-16’s, Merlins) material made the trip worth it.