Eindhoven / Market Garden spottersday

Every year the Market Garden operation which was set to liberate Holland during the 2nd World War in 1944 is remembered with a para-drop from several classic and new military cargoplanes. Eindhoven airbase was the temporary homebase for these planes. Thanks to the Gilze-Rijen Aviation Society GVR Aviation was able to photograph the particapting planes on the Eindhoven tarmac.


Gilze-Rijen spottersday 2012

The Gilze-Rijen Aviation Society is a very active spotting group which organizes a spottersday each year. Due to its good relation with the Dutch airforce (KLu) and other airforces it is able to attract a multitude of interesting visitors to this airbase. All photo’s were made under excellent conditions at the eastern end of the runway the 29th of August 2012.

Frisian Flag 2012

After the 2011 edition of this exercise was cancelled due to commitments in Lybia, Leeuwarden AB in the Dutch province of Friesland was again scene to the Frisian Flag exercise which analogous to the US Red Flag exercise plays host to 50 fighters and support aircraft. Although fewer in numbers as Leeuwarden simply doesn’t have the tarmac to host more participants, it serves the same goal, namely to enable airforces to train and fight in a realistic environment.

Tiger Meet 2011 Cambrai AB

2011 was the 50th anniversary of the NATO Tiger Meet. Cambrai France was the place to be during two weeks in May and despite the current operations in Lybia which put a strain on some members, there was still quite a lot to see. Big setback was the weather, grey on grey all day with only the oocasional tiger tail to spice up things a bit..