Technik Museum Speyer

The Technikmuseum in Speyer has among classic cars and other wonders of twentieth century technology also a large collection aircraft. Some are not painted in ther original operational colourschemes but are creatively enhanced with varying results.

About GVR Aviation

The man behind GVR Aviation is Nils Kolstein, long time aviation geek with a particular interest in military aviation ever since Soesterberg’s finest flew their flying tenniscourts over his hometown of Doorn.

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The philosophy of GVR Aviation can be described in a few simple statements:

Quality is sometimes more important than quantity.

Aviation is not only machine, it’s also the human factor. An airplane in its natural surroundings with in active enviroment says more than a static picture. A crew chief or marshaller on the picture is great when it attributes to the atmosphere.

The essence of military aviation is its ambivalence. Power versus lethality. Grace versus agressiveness.

A common subject is sometimes special when perspective and lighting is in its favour.

Nothing beats a good composition, regardless equipment, conditions and other factors.

Above statements are not always achieved in a perfect manner, but form a consistent point on GVR Aviation’s horizon at which the efforts are pointed at. And above all, have fun doing it!

The way I approach my subjects is first and foremost with a thorough understanding that military aviation is not there to please spotters or photographers, but to train and fight for whatever cause their respective governments are tasking them. This means that I try to respect the operational enviroment of all air forces, their people and equipment. The limits which are set are always obeyed. The challenge is to get the most optimal results within those limits. I find it important to stress this as this is sometimes overlooked which causes great irritation on my behalf but also on those in the military who, after all, doing their job while we as aviation enthusiasts are merely practising our hobby.

A new GVR Aviation site layout

I have decided to upgrade the website format to a new layout based on the WordPress engine. WordPress offers beter manageability and lay-out options and is therefore less maintenance intensive. I will be slowly updating all content, starting with the newest reports.