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Frisian Flag 2013

In spite of severe cutbacks within most armed forces the Frisian Flag exercise attracted a nice variety of fighters to the northenmost Dutch airbase Leeuwarden. Including 4 French Mirage F-1CR’s which are due to be phased out next year.

Frisian Flag 2012

After the 2011 edition of this exercise was cancelled due to commitments in Lybia, Leeuwarden AB in the Dutch province of Friesland was again scene to the Frisian Flag exercise which analogous to the US Red Flag exercise plays host to 50 fighters and support aircraft. Although fewer in numbers as Leeuwarden simply doesn’t have the tarmac to host more participants, it serves the same goal, namely to enable airforces to train and fight in a realistic environment.

Frisian Flag 2008

Frisian Flag can be called the Red Flag of the low countries due to its smaller size, but comparable goal. To train aircrew in conducting mulit-role missions in a realistic enviroment. The 2008 edition was held in April and May at Leeuwarden AB and GVR Aviation was there to get a glimpse of the action.