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Gilze-Rijen spottersday 2016

Each year the Gilze-Rijen Aviation Society (GRAS) organizes a spotters day at Gilze-Rijen AB to present the spotters an opportunity to see the local action of the based Chinooks, Cougars and Apaches up close on base, in optimized circumstances. Next to the local action, the society, in close coöperation with the Royal Netherlands Air Force, tries to attract extra visitors to the airbase. The 2016 edition saw a wide variety of activity ranging from local Apaches to a French C-135FR tanker giving the spotters a spirited flyby. As part of this event a French Super Puma and Gazelle where temporary based and showed their beautiful colors to the photographers.

Gilze-Rijen spottersday 2012

The Gilze-Rijen Aviation Society is a very active spotting group which organizes a spottersday each year. Due to its good relation with the Dutch airforce (KLu) and other airforces it is able to attract a multitude of interesting visitors to this airbase. All photo’s were made under excellent conditions at the eastern end of the runway the 29th of August 2012.